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 Punctuality Transparency Tradition Entrepreneurship

The companies of the Group Santin form a solid business group , operating in handling sectors , lifting , carrying heavy loads and superpesadas , construction , metallurgy and electromechanical assemblies

The Santin Group


MISSION – Providing innovative solutions through the management , preservation, development and proper application of knowledge.


VISION – Being recognized as a benchmark in the market in which we operate.

VALUES – Ethics and transparency | Professionalism | Entrepreneurial spirit | Innovation | Quality | Proud of beeing “SANTIN”.

Brazilian origin with a global dimension

The Santin Group is among the fastest growing companies in Brazil. There are several branches of action to meet all the needs of our customers by providing overall soundness and confidence in all transactions made.


1The SANTIN Group

Supports the athlete São-Carlense Delisiee Lavinia Oliveira Silva, Brazilian pride in national and international competitions .

Participation SANTIN Group

in SPECIAL ENERGISA , published in October Economic Value.

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Group SANTIN media

Story for the magazine Crane Brazil




Address: Av. Hermínio Cristovão, 110
3° Industrial District Américo Brasiliense/SP
Phone: (16) 3393-9999
Email: sac@gruposantin.com.br